AGIF delivers 2023 Report on the Integrated Rural Fire Management System to the Portuguese Parliament

Today, Agência para a Gestão Integrada de Fogos Rurais (AGIF, Agency for the Integrated Management of Rural Fires) delivered the ‘2023 Report on the Integrated Rural Fire Management System (SGIFR)’ to the Portuguese Parliament. This document is the result of the collective effort of dozens of entities in the mission to protect Portugal from serious rural fires.

Since 2017, the Portuguese have achieved significant goals in reducing rural fires. In 2023, there were no fatalities, the number of fires was reduced by less than half and the burnt area was one third of the average over the last ten years. Moreover, the emission of 2.5 million tons of CO2 into the atmosphere was prevented.

The report highlights, however, the need to intensify efforts to prevent severe fires and protect infrastructure and communities. Currently, 87 % of the projects in the 2020-2030 National Action Programme (PNA) are underway, but the pace of implementation needs to be accelerated.

The reduction in the number of fires and the burnt area over the last 6 years has led to the accumulation of vegetation that will fuel faster and more severe fires in the future – this is the fire paradox. It is crucial to promote the country’s economic activity and increase the area of managed vegetation.

In 2023, decentralised polycentric governance was consolidated, which approved 5 regional plans and scaled 23 sub-regional programmes with contributions from municipalities (6 approved sub-regional programmes).

In the coming years, it is critical to ensure the political determination to stay the course and accelerate implementation. It is necessary to implement Action Programmes, mobilise public entities and economic agents (extensive livestock farming and associated sectors must, for example, become active proponents), guarantee multi-annual financing and activate tax and financial incentives.

Continuity in the implementation of the SGIFR will allow Portugal to continue to reduce the impacts of rural fires by complying with the Sustainable Development Goals, improving air and water quality, creating jobs and contributing to the commitment of the Roadmap for Carbon Neutrality 2030.


The ‘2023 Report on the Integrated Rural Fire Management System (SGIFR)’ is available for consultation on the AGIF website at: