Penacova, 23 June 2020 – The Portuguese Ministry of Culture and AGIF have launched the ‘Não Brinques com o Fogo’ (Don’t Play with Fire) Programme, aimed at raising awareness among citizens to help change risk behaviours towards rural fire and at promoting the development and protection of their land.

In Penacova, one of the regions included in the programme, four collaboration agreements were signed between AGIF and the Regional Directorates for Culture (DRC) of northern and central Portugal, the Algarve and the Alentejo region, which will see the DRC as operators of the programme for one year.

According to the Minister for Culture, Graça Fonseca, ‘this pilot programme is part of a more ambitious 10-year strategic vision that is set out in the National Plan for Integrated Wildland Fire Management presented by the government on 16 June. It is an initiative carried out through a collaboration between the Ministries of Culture and of the Environment that promotes the power of the arts in encouraging reflection on issues such as climate change and environmental protection’.

Tiago Oliveira, chairman of AGIF, states that ‘this programme puts into practice a methodology that has already been tested in countries such as Spain, the U.S. and South Africa to reach local populations through cultural events. By reducing the number of ignitions, we can reduce the likelihood of a major or large fire occurring. We must change behaviours towards the use of fire, whatever the season’.


€185,000 for local artistic structures

AGIF’s investment of €185,000 will be channelled towards putting on multidisciplinary outdoor shows and workshops for citizens and will be managed by the four DRC.

The calls for tender for artistic structures in the respective territories have been published on the websites of the DRC and applications from cultural agents will be accepted between 23 June and 14 July for the creation and performance of shows related to extensive burns, land clearing, risk behaviours, launching fireworks, and the safe use of farming machinery.

Privately held companies with registered offices in the municipalities included in the programme and that pursue not-for-profit activities related to the performing arts, in particular, theatre, music, dance, contemporary circus, street arts and visual arts, can submit an application.

Collaborative applications that are based on a multidisciplinary approach and include more than one artistic entity will be prioritised. Applications that involve Individuals and local amateur cultural agents are also accepted.

The outdoor shows will be held in September and October 2020 in the municipalities that AGIF considers priority areas, that is, Vila Nova de Poiares, Coimbra, Penacova, Ourém, Paredes, Gondomar, Gavião and São Brás de Alportel. The municipalities were selected based on their high-risk classification.


Outdoor shows and workshops – Programme

As part of the ‘Não Brinques com o Fogo’ (Don’t Play with Fire) campaign and after selecting the proposals received, workshops have been conducted and the programme for the outdoor shows has been shared.  The ‘overall quality’ of the artistic and aesthetic design of the various proposals submitted under the tender is particularly of note, which saw a number of partnerships established to meet the challenges posed.


Take a look at the programme and don’t miss out on the outdoor shows and workshops!


‘Eu Sou a Minha Terra’ – Workshop

Partículas Soltas – Associação Juvenil

21.AUG – Espite, Ourém

22.AUG – Rio de Couros, Ourém

23.AUG – Urqueira, Ourém

26.AUG – Botão, Coimbra

27.AUG – S. Mamede, Penacova

28.AUG – Larçã, Coimbra

29.AUG – Aldeia do Carvalho, Vila Nova de Poiares

30.AUG – Lorvão, Penacova


‘Cantares e Saberes’ – Workshop

Associação Cultural e Artística Panóplia

29.AUG – Atalaia, Gavião


‘Sob a Terra’ – Outdoor show

Leirena Teatro – Companhia de Teatro de Leiria

25.SEPT – Espite, Ourém

26.SEPT – Rio de Couros, Ourém

27.SEPT – Urqueira, Ourém

3.OCT – Lorvão, Penacova

4.OCT – São Mamede, Penacova

10.OCT – Aldeia do Carvalho, Vila Nova de Poiares

17.OCT – Botão, Coimbra

18.OCT – Larçã, Coimbra


‘Terra Queimada’ – Outdoor show

Companhia de Teatro – Astro Fingido – Associação Cultural

25.SEPT – Aguiar de Sousa, Paredes

26.SEPT – Recarei, Paredes

TBA – Lomba, Gondomar


‘O Homem do Fogo’ – Outdoor show

26.SEPT – Associação Recreativa e Cultural do Algarve (ARCA)