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“PORTUGAL CHAMA” (Portugal is Calling; the name in Portuguese is a play on words given that ‘chama’ means both ‘call’ and ‘flame’) is much more than the average public awareness campaign. It is a call to action that challenges each and every Portuguese citizen to act and help protect the country against severe rural fires. It is a nationwide campaign backed by the Portuguese Republic that includes the participation of all ministries and related departments involved in rural fire prevention and suppression, and is disseminated on television, over the radio, in the press, on motorway billboards and digital screens, and has its own dedicated website and the 808 200 520 helpline.

Danger is just around the corner and it is up to all of us to do what we can before summer begins by clearing our lands, actively managing land and forests, properly conducting waste burning, registering land, protecting villages and alerting people to risk behaviours.

We want to reach all citizens and we believe that an aggressive nationwide campaign is key, adapted accordingly on the ground to each region, municipality, parish and village. We believe that businesses, economic and social agents also have a say and can act through their external and internal communication.

These are the companies that have already partnered with us in the campaign so that the message can reach increasingly more people.

<p>Business that have partnered with AGIF in disseminating the campaign.</p>

Business that have partnered with AGIF in disseminating the campaign.

If you would like to join the campaign and receive the Portugal Chama Kit, please send an e-mail to secretariado.agif@agif.pt.